HR manager (Recruitment)

1. According to the company's strategic requirements, combined with the company's actual business needs, formulate annual and monthly recruitment plans, and implement on time;
2. Actively and effectively develop various recruitment channels, and perform personnel selection, interview, evaluation, and employment with high efficiency and high quality to ensure the recruitment completion rate;
3. Organize the recruitment of overseas employees in accordance with the requirements of the company's overseas business development;
4. Responsible for the maintenance of basic data for recruitment and provide analysis reports for key indicators of recruitment;
5. Actively coordinate and dock with various departments and participate in the construction of talent pool;
6. Complete other work from superiors.

1. At least 3 years working experience in recruiting positions, with experience in technical service industry recruitment or overseas employee recruitment experience is preferred;
2. Bachelor degree or above in dual first-class universities, human resources or related majors, with a background in studying abroad is preferred;
3. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate independently in English;
4. Have strong communication and coordination skills, clear thinking, strong affinity, and proficient in the use of various recruitment tools and methods.