General Design Engineer

1. Responsible for technical support and technical consultation on the spare parts of service products;
2. Drawing number conversion, translation of drawings, purchase technical agreement, and preparation of technical list;
3. Make spare parts technology reserves to meet the needs of spare parts procurement and sales;
4. Develop spare parts business cooperation and suppliers, and regularly evaluate spare parts resources;
5. Master the latest service technology of service products, scientific research project management and application;
6. Participate in the localized development of parts, product design optimization and design cost reduction.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Marine Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Mechatronics, etc.
2. Skilled in drawing software such as UG / CAD;
3. Those with MDT / Win GD and other two-stroke diesel engine design, manufacturing, commissioning, use, and maintenance work experience are preferred;
4. Skilled in using Office software, and can perform relevant data statistics and analysis.