● [ 2 Sept 2018 ]    Mr Chen Qi and his delegation visited CMS Hamburg representative office on Sept 2 2018

Mr. Chen Qi and his delegation visited CMS Hamburg representative office on Sept 2 2018. During the meeting the development of CMS was discussed in detail. Mr.Chen Qi expressed CSSC desire to speed up the global service network growth. He is happy that CMS has focused on stabilisation of its procedures for parts sales and logistics distribution center but now requires CMS to focus fully on the global field service network expansion to support CSSC built engines. CMS needs to concentrate on supporting portfolio engines during the warranty period and first years of operation. CMS must increase its good cooperation with engine builders CMD and HHM and strengthen its capabilities to support WINGD designed portfolio engines especially DF and X engine variants. Training of staff to a highly professional and internationally appropriate standard is required in order to win the respect of all ship owners and to prove that China after sales support is a priority of the Chinese shipbuilding industry.

CMS have recently added to the existing Hamburg service office by opening also service offices in Pusan Korea that is staffed by 5 experts who coordinate and support CSSC engine products. Further staff expansions in Hamburg, Singapore and Dubai will progress within the coming months and the global coordination processes need to harmonise the CMS skill and service offering. In mainland China CMS have also established a new office in Qingdao and are soon to conclude new offices in Chengxi and in the Guangzhou area, local staff need to be redistributed and new staff added to compliment the skills necessary to support vessels visiting China for repairs and service.